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The 2015 whale watching season begins mid-April!

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Since 1983, we’ve had the privilege of introducing thousands of people to the whales and other marine wildlife living and feeding directly off the coast of Massachusetts. We take great pride in our reputation for providing the best overall whale watching experience in New England. 7 Seas is a family business – Three generations of sea captains working from this very dock for more than 7 decades. We believe that providing a positive and inspiring experience with nature’s largest and most endangered creatures helps build awareness and respect for our environment and these amazing animals. We have a love and passion for whale watching and set out each day to deliver a unique, educational (and fun!) experience that you and your family will remember for a lifetime.

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Gloucester’s Newest, Most Comfortable Boat

The PRIVATEER IV, is the newest, most spacious, and cleanest whale watching boat in the Gloucester area. It is the only whale watch boat in Gloucester with on onboard GPS display for passengers to view throughout the trip. The PRIVATEER IV is fully US Coast Guard certified, inspected, and equipped with all latest navigation and safety equipment. There simply is no better boat in the Gloucester/Cape Ann area. [More about the Privateer IV]


Our Research Partner Ocean Alliance

OCEAN ALLIANCE 7 Seas naturalists working in partnership with Ocean Alliance, one of the world’s most renown whale and dolphin conservation organizations. This partnership will provide our whale watch passengers access to the absolute best team of scientists and researchers anywhere in the world, and enables us to add even more depth to our educational programming. [More about our partnership with Ocean Alliance]

What you may see on your Whale Watch

Whale watching is a nature trip in the truest sense. The whales and marine wildlife that we see are not in cages or pens, nor are they trained to perform in any way. These are wild animals, that are free do as they please in their natural habitat. We feel it is a privilege to be able to visit with these whales in their ocean environment and we respect and protect that privilege by being as unobtrusive as we can. The quantity, species and behavior of the whales and wildlife that we observe on any given trip is impossible to predict. Every trip is unique and offers us a chance of seeing something totally unexpected or rare. Fortunately, Stellwagen National Marine Sanctuary is one of the most biologically productive ocean environments in the world, and whales and other marine wildlife are often abundant. The photos below link to detailed information on the variety of Whales and marine wildlife species that you may see on your whale watch.

Click on any of the photographs below to learn more about that species:

Boston’s Best Whale Watching … Is from Gloucester

Although Gloucester has historically been most well-known for its proud fishing history, over the past 35 years Gloucester has quickly gained the reputation as being one of the world’s top whale watching locations. This is because boats departing from Gloucester have the closest access to the very best whale watching in all of New England. Gloucester is situated directly between two major whale feeding grounds: “Stellwagen Bank” to the south and “Jeffreys Ledge” to the north. Together Jeffreys Ledge and Stellwagen Bank make up the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, home to numerous species of whales, dolphins, sharks, as well as a wide variety of sea birds and other marine wildlife.

Whale watching boats departing from Gloucester often have less distance to travel to reach the whales, and can access more areas where whales might be found than boats leaving form other ports. You will simply see more whales and visit with the whales longer if you sail from Gloucester than you will from Boston.

You will also be on a less-crowded boat, a boat that was actually designed for whale watching (not commuting) and whale watching is its only function, and you will save money once you factor is tolls, city parking prices, etc. Gloucester is an picturesque working class New England community with a rich and diverse history.  We are just a 45-minute drive up the coast from Boston, away from the traffic and congestion of the city, and convenient to all New England locations including Greater Boston, Metro West, Worcester, Central MA, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine. 7 Seas Whale Watch is the only Gloucester whale watch company who’s dock is within easy walking distance (about 100 yards) from Gloucester’s vibrant town center which is renown for great restaurants (especially seafood!) and quaint shops that you can explore either before or after your trip.

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Our Commitment To Our Passengers

We consider it a privilege to be able to share with you the whales and the abundance of other marine life that inhabits the waters of New England. We endeavor to provide you with the utmost in comfort and safety during your time on the water, and also to provide the best naturalists in the industry, the finest whale watch boat in the area, and of course to share with you the best possible whale sightings. By doing so we hope to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the whales and their fragile marine environment. We believe that doing all we can to support the research and conservation of these endangered animals is an essential responsibility of our business. We hope we’ll see out on the water!

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Naturalist's Blog

Naturalist’s Blog: October 6, 2014

WHY DO WHALES BREACH? We have seen a lot of breaching recently, and that has prompted many questions from our passengers about why whales sometimes engage in this most spectacular of behaviors. Thus I figured I’d write a blog about breaching behavior in whales… Humpback Whales in particular. It’s kind of long, but I hope you will find it fun, education, and interesting. Plus the photos are GREAT and all were taken about one of whale watching trips during the summer/fall of 2014 (many in September and October)! (click here to read more and to view recent photos)



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Oktay Kaya: Wildlife Photographer


All of the Whale and Dolphin photographs you see on our site (with the exception of the background image) were taken aboard one of our whale watching trips. Most were taken by one of our onboard naturalists, but many of the most beautiful photographs on this site were taken by our good friend Oktay Kaya who sails with us quite often. If you would like to see more of the wonderful photographs that Oktay has taken while whale watching with us please visit his website at whalesandwhales.com. There are plenty of New England whale photos there for you to  look at, and also many wildlife and nature images from all over the world for you to enjoy. Thank you as always, Oktay.